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I am become Death, destroyer of blogs

Mushroom cloud

It’s been a while since I had a few words worth stringing together for a blog post, yes? This is what happens when the inner life experiences a drought. Worse than mere silence, even; I’ll admit that the idea of trying to come up with something to say became abhorrent over time, a hateful task. The immediate consequence of trying and failing to speak is the suspicion – never far from consciousness at the best of times – that one indeed has nothing worth saying. And that would be kinda depressing, even if you weren’t prone to, er depression. Like some people I could mention.

So! I gave a fair amount of thought to just blowing up the site altogether. You know – KABOOM! – and letting the radioactive detritus of near on a decade drift with the digital winds. The idea had no small appeal, especially as I had found myself spoiled by the 140-character ease of Twitter. At length, however, I decided not to drop the bomb on the blog.

Oh – you’re asking why not?

To this second, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps as I bring myself to actually use the blog, the answer – why I should bother – will make itself known.

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