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Honestly, I cannot think of a goddamned thing that’s better than basic basil and pine nuts pesto. Made this to go over angel hair pasta. And it went, all right. #nom

More American Patriot beer sales display

Rejoice, citizen! No longer need you settle for foreign-owned beers, brewed by people not unlike yourself, admittedly, but who are nevertheless employed by foreigners with ways quite possibly different from your own! Behold – American Patriot beer!

American Patriot beer sales display

Yeah, that’s right.

Evan C. Jones of Gut Check, the Riverfront Times’ foodie blog, wrote about (and sampled) this St. Louis-based response to the buyout of iconic Anheuser-Busch by the Belgian brewing firm InBev.


Vanity, fair or not

deminsConfession: Earlier today I paused in front of a restroom mirror and turned so I could check out my own denim-clad ass.

It’s like I don’t know who the hell I am anymore.


Silent running

'No comment' sticker image from ozsticker.com

Trying something new yet old here at the blog: eliminating comment functionality. It’s new because I haven’t tried this before; it’s old because my original idea of a web journal of my imperishable prose, lo those many years ago, did not allow for comments at all. A couple of people (okay, one person) asked about this reclusive attitude, and I decided it was rude and somewhat craven to not allow visitors the ability to comment.

Now, apparently, I seem to care a lot less. Yay for rudeness and craven…icity!

Am I really a recluse? Well, yeah, but that’s not the issue here. Comments (from others) have always felt like something for which I had to be responsible, much as the comfort of guests is the charge of a good host. It’s always felt a tad burdensome, even for such a seldom-remarked blog like this. Took a while before I finally acknowledged this to myself. Once I did, the next step was obvious.

So yeah, bad host, actually.

Pulling up the drawbridge this way might be perceived as an abandonment of a community, except that there is no community to abandon. This blog has exactly two semi-regular commenters (::waves::), and they both know how to reach me.

Kind of an experiment, then; just trying this to see how it feels. I may give some thought to alternate forms of commentary in future.

Cogs in a old mechanism

If you don’t have a plan, it is likely that you are just part of someone else’s plan.

Cats Kismet and Baxter side by side, gazing out through kitchen window

Cats Kismet and Baxter side by side, gazing out through kitchen window

'Cover Coughs and Sneezes' vintage print ad from the National Tuberculosis Association

I want it on the record that as I am putting actual effort into maintaining personal health – refraining from alcohol and tobacco use, eating a balanced diet in moderate quantities, engaging in physical exercise, and dutifully taking prescribed medications – the very least I should receive in return is freedom from throat-irritating, chest-congesting colds.


That is all.


Vintage-era Superman on t-shirt bought in Hawaii